A wide collection of classic
percussion instruments,
a grandfather's clock, a Heavens’ door,
a kitchen whisk, drilling machines,
toy ventilators, plants, vibrators, ...
and electronics.

Royal Conservatory of Ghent
(School of Arts, KASK)

Other projects:
Goggles, BOLSTER[bubbels]


What is your purpose in music?
What motivates you?

To share my intense passion
for the beauty of sound with others.
I hope to move people,
create a certain amazement,
let them catch a glimpse on how
I experience and enjoy sound,
even if it's for a few seconds.

What are your hobbies and
passions besides music?

Bouldering, pole dance.

Which other genres do you play
or listen to and how do you
incorporate them in your
contemporary music practice?

I listen to quite a lot,
from Metalcore to minimal music
and Ambient to Avangarde Jazz.

In my personal projects my focus
is mainly on creating a bridge
between the boundaries
of diverse styles of music and art. 
I’ll use contemporary music pieces
that speak to me and zoom in on
their accessible qualities.
By magnifying these qualities
and by combining them with
new creations from myself,
I try to shed a new light on our
“abstract” contemporary music scene.
I’ll always try to guide the listener
towards an immersive performance
experience where they are invited
to escape reality with me and
live in this new, yet somehow
recognizable, warm and safe

What is your most cherished
Nemø anecdote or memory?

Working together on Katachi from
Eric Wubbles in our first Nemø year
was so wonderful. The piece was
incredibly hard (especially without
a conductor) but we were all so
deeply involved with every detail of
the score. We spent hours and hours
on rehearsals just to have it all
connect as deeply as possible.
When we performed it finally,
it was pure magic…

Which book are you taking
with you on a longer trip?

House of Leaves -
Mark Z. Danielewski

Tell us a secret that
nobody knows!

If you visit your nearby forest
around 4:30 on a winter morning
and listen carefully, you might hear
the sound of a sleeping hedgehog.
If you can record that and send
it over to me, you will have provided
one of the samples that are part
of my very secret library around
sleeping spiky mammals.

(contributions to my secret library
of sleeping cats or flapping
butterflies are welcome as well…)