Double bass, electric bass, synth,
banjo, … (little bit guitar and violin)

Royal Conservatory of Ghent
(KASK School of Arts) 

Other projects:
Nils Vermeulen (solo), Uma Chine,
Kabas, Jukwaa, Frame trio, Smolikas,
Nils Vermeulen & Elisabeth Klinck...

Solo album 
Album met Eli 

What is your purpose in music?
What motivates you?

Music is no different from life itself,
it is life. Becoming a better musician is
becoming a better person, which can
only help creating a better world.
Learning from everyday experiences
and letting everything be music/harmony
is the key. The purpose of music is
understanding life.

What are your hobbies and
passions besides music?

Running! I hope to do my first full
marathon in 2024.

Which other genres do you play
or listen to and how do you incor-
porate them in your contemporary
music practice?

I really don’t think in genres. I would
say I mostly listen to adventurous music,
that can be adventurous pop music, rock,
jazz ,…

What is your most cherished
Nemø anecdote or memory?

I think the very first concert I did with
Nemø was in Poland, playing Alexander
Schubert, ‘Sugar, Maths and Whips’ and
I think a piece of Kuba.. I’ll never forget
that trip, being my first concert with Nemø,
it was really special. Also hanging around
with everyone in Poland was super nice.
I remembered Tom Jackson subbed on
bass clarinet, it was a really nice group to
hang with.

Which book are you taking
with you on a longer trip?

I’m reading Fernando Pessoa, the book
of disquiet, right now. It’s perfect for longer
trips, you can’t read to much at once
because it takes some time to process the
deepness of the words he writes.

Tell us a secret that nobody knows!
Every time I eat French fries, a little tear
pops up in my left eye…