clarinet and bass clarinet

Royal conservatory of Ghent

Other projects:
The Royal Symphonic Band
of the Belgian Guides
Ebano Clarinet Quartet

What is your purpose in music?
What motivates you?

The process and product. To see
and feel the change of a score. The
process of an unknown score that
grows into a complete control of it.

And how everything falls into place
as we play it together.

What are your hobbies and
passions  besides music?

I like running and gardening

Which other genres do you play
or listen to and how do you incor-
porate them in your contemporary
music practice?

For me it’s important to maintain
technicalbasics such as sound exercises
and scales. Also I still regularly play
technical studies.We regularly play
marches at the Royal Bandof the Guides.
The cadence and the correct placement
of the rhythms within it are extremely
important. Besides the fact that these
marches have meaning within the military,
for me it is a training for perfecting
placement and stability. A technical
mastering and control of your instrument
will help you to apply the specific techniques
required within the contemporary repertoire.

Then add a big dose of my favourite band
System of a Down...I love that heavy music
with its passages, suddenly changing
atmospheres and surprising twists. 

For me, the combination of the two is
a metaphor of how I approach and practice
contemporary music.

What is your most cherished
Nemø anecdote or memory?

Festival for new music, Darmstadt.
Sweating with a box under our arms,
misleading people.

Which book are you taking
with you on a longer trip?

I'm not a big reader, but a book that
left a big impression is Franny
and Zooey from J.D.Salinger.

Tell us a secret that nobody knows!
Then it wouldn't be a secret anymore ;-)
but i really love Tarzan