Violin, viola, voice  & electronics
(OMG, I almost feel like a multi-

Lemmensinstituut Leuven,
Högskolan för scen och musik
Göteborg (Sweden),
Conservatoire Royale de Bruxelles

Other projects:
Solo: Elisabeth Klinck,
One Song (Theater), music for
theater and film.

www.elisabethklinck.com ,
debut album, Picture a Frame:
duo with Nils Vermeulen (Impro): 
Pair, Paire

What is your purpose in music?
What motivates you?

Well, it's rather simple. I decided
that this is how I want to fill in my time.
It just really like to work with any kind
of sound.

What are your hobbies
and passions besides music?

Well, I'm currently involved in the
theater production One Song, which
is physically high, I started to enjoy
sporting and staying in shape. I do it
almost everyday!  But since it is for
work I don't know if that counts as
a hobby? I also do like dressing up
and playing around with outfits!

Which other genres do you play
or listen to and how do you incor-
porate them in your contemporary
music practice?

I listen to all kind of music! In fact,
I don't think there is any genre
that I really dislike. It's all about the
intention with which something is
created or performed. 

What is your most cherished
Nemø anecdote or memory?

Well I remember during our first project,
I zoned out during a rehearsing and
began to think: ‘Isn't it miraculous that we
understand each other even without
using words?’ We only talked in sounds
like: ‘Can you repeat the "brrrsssttt" part,
or the "iiiiiOOOO----" or can you do it
a bit more "sssss"?’ It was so funny,
almost as if we invented a new language.

Which book are you taking
with you on a longer trip?

I won't take it on a long trip since
I already read it on a long trip,
but I would recommend: ‘Beloved’
by Toni Morrison , an amazing
touching book.

Tell us a secret that nobody knows!
I'm absolutely not going to share
my secret on a website !!!