I play the saxophone, and a bit
of piano, bass guitar and guitar.
Sometimes I conduct.

Royal conservatory of Ghent
(School of Arts, KASK) 

Other projects: 
I teach classical saxophone,
jazz saxophone, ensemble and
bass guitar at different schools
and compose music for jazz quartet.
Currently I am in the process of
composing, recording and producing
my first album.



What is your purpose in music?
What motivates you?

Striving towards beauty and
mastering a craft is a nobel feat,
which I belief is a good hill to die on.
I write and play music for people I love.
To give them a gift and I want it to be
the best as I possibly can manage.
I belief that a world with musical gifts
for others is a better world than a world
without them, even if it’s a very small gift
and for a very small audience. I belief
that to be true and it gives me direction.

What are your hobbies and
passions besides music?

As a hobby I take care of my body
via calisthenic sports and running.
I also take care of my thoughts and
language by writing essays to sharpen
and structure ideas and my ability to
communicate them. This feeds my
passion for researching and toying
around with different knowledge and
how our memory works. I like to do
learn and improve, hat is what drives me.

Which other genres do you play
or listen to and how do you incor-
porate them in your contemporary
music practice?

I tend towards playing jazz music
in a very broad way, but actually it
is just music in general. Currently
I am studying Lester Young,
but I listen, study and play everything
that captures my interest in an intuitive
way. I transcribed: Michael Brecker,
Bob Reynolds, Charlie Parker,
Hank Mobley, Branford Marsalis,
Roy Hargrove, Louis Armstrong,
Prince, John Mayer,  Chris Potter,
Ludwig Van Beethoven, Joshua Redman,
Dua Lipa, Jack White, The dead weather,
Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars,
Jeff Buckley, Jimi Hendrix, and many
more in combinationwith my classical
education. I am very open. Music is music,
an organisation of sound, of frequencies,
yet it is extremely mysterious
and interesting. It’s a celebration of
what we as a species are capable of.
It’s endless possibilities is mesmerising
and a gateway to very profound knowledge
about our experiences in and of life.

When you are writing an essay,
you connect different ideas and knowledge
you already have, and try to make sense
of new knowledge that you came across,
or you try to answer a question with
your knowledge. To me it is the same
with music, although not necessarily
with linguistic knowledge. You connect
new sounds to knowledge, artists, ideas
and experiences you already have.
The richer your knowledge is, the more
interesting your interpretations can become.
That is what I strive to bring to the table.

What is your most cherished
Nemø anecdote or memory?

There are too many memories
to decide and I cherish different memories
for different things. I cherish the wedding
of Freya. I cherish the meeting and
working together with Óscar Escudero
and Belenish Moreno-Gil in Berlin.
I cherish the Nemø-days.

Which book are you taking
with you on a longer trip?

I have a library of books on my phone.
I’ll bring my phone and take them all.
I read them all at the same time, get ideas
out of them and try to translate them
in my own words and connect them
with other ideas.

Tell us a secret that nobody knows.

No, if I hold secrets, which I don’t like
and are very few, I take them to the grave.
I don’t think holding secrets is a good idea.
I don’t think sharing secrets is a good idea,
especially in public.